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If you’re looking to take a break from the road in Chappell, Nebraska then head over to Bergie’s.  This restaurant/bar/bowling alley is the perfect place to waste some time in western Nebraska.  They open at 9am every day but Sunday and serve a limited breakfast menu.  For lunch they have all of your favorites but I recommend the bacon grilled cheese.  I’m sure all of their other options are great as well but bacon in a grilled cheese is the pure delicious stuff of a truly evil genius.

After 12 pm they start serving beer and have a decent selection of options.  If you’re looking to kill more time than just a meal or are looking to get out of the hot afternoon sun you should probably bowl a game or two.  Their bowling prices are absurdly cheap and shoe rental is $.80.  That is not a typo, shoe rental for bowling is 80 cents.  The best part of bowling at Bergie’s is that it’s truly an old style bowling alley down to the score keeping.  That’s right, you’re using a pencil and a scorecard. There are no fancy computers or TV screens broadcasting to the world your ineptness at knocking down pins with a heavy ball.

The staff is friendly, the food comes out quickly, and it’s less than a block from the Lincoln Highway.  Get out of the car, have a meal and loosen up to throw a few frames.  You’ll be glad you took a pit stop in Chappell and went to Bergie’s.

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