Chubby Monkey

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As you’re cruising along on the Lincoln Highway you’ll pass through a small non-descript town of Shelton, Nebraska roughly halfway between Grand Island and Kearney. On the east side of Shelton you may notice a gigantic pink ice cream cone.  This is your sign to slow down and immediately pull into the driveway by said ice cream cone. If you make this very wise decision you will now be at The Chubby Monkey where they serve sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream and just about anything that is made with ice cream, shakes, malts, sundaes..ect.

In addition to all of their wonderful treats they also have a back area with a sandbox and other toys to keep the kids occupied, a nursery with a wide selection of potted plants, and if you happen to be driving by close to Independence Day, a fireworks stand. The Chubby Monkey is, in short, the perfect oasis to get out of the car and relax for a bit. So stop in get an ice cream cone, bask in the wonderful aroma of the nursery and let the kids play in the sandbox.