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    Here the traveler has an opportunity to experience beautiful scenery as well as the area's historical importance in American history.


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    Experience the Sandhill Cranes in the spring, explore the "stair steps" of the original Highway or stop by the visitors center.


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    This part of the Byway follows the Platte River Valley that offers an abundance of wildlife, birding and water recreation.


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  • North Bend Golf Course

    If you're looking to hit the links on your trip on the Lincoln Highway, there are a ton of great options.  Some of them are better known than others, but the North Bend Golf Course…

    Fremont State Lakes

    One of Nebraska’s most popular vacation spots, Fremont State Lakes, covers roughly 40 acres of land and almost 300 acres of water in 20 sandpit lakes. The state lake park is located just three miles west…

    Boys Town

    Boys Town is one of the great historical attractions in Nebraska; it’s a beacon of hope and optimism in the heart of the Midwest. In 1917, a young Irish priest named Father Edward J. Flanagan was called…

    Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial

    The Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial in Columbus, NE is a tribute to the man that Dwight D. Eisenhower called "the man who won the war for us".  Without the famous Higgins landing crafts (LCPs, LCPLs,…

    Glur’s Tavern

    Glur’s Tavern is a must for anyone following the Lincoln Highway through Columbus.  It has been continuously operated since 1876 which makes it the oldest continuously operated tavern west of the Missouri River.  Just because…