Glur’s Tavern

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Glur’s Tavern is a must for anyone following the Lincoln Highway through Columbus.  It has been continuously operated since 1876 which makes it the oldest continuously operated tavern west of the Missouri River.  Just because someplace is old is not the best reason to give them money.  You should give Glur’s money because they have great bar food and a good beer selection.  A cheeseburger is $3.00 and they have all of your favorite fried bar goodies.  When I say that their beer selection is good, that doesn’t mean that there are 97 beers on tap.  They have a decent selection of tap beer and a good selection of cans and bottles.  It’s a nice break given that when traveling through small towns on the Lincoln Highway you can be confronted with having no other options except for cheap domestics.

The bar itself is full of history and the kind of quirks that you would expect from a historic small-town tavern as well as some you wouldn’t expect to see.  There’s a stuffed goose and mounted animal heads, old beer signs and neon’s, and quite a few of their ceiling tiles have been signed or drawn on to commemorate various occasions, volleyball championships, high school graduations (including the class of 2014… seems a bit early to me.), and other miscellaneous events.

With a great atmosphere, good food, great prices and a friendly laid-back staff Glur’s  Tavern is a must for anyone traveling the Lincoln Highway through Columbus.  To get there take the Hwy 30 business loop to the corner of 11th Street and 23rd Avenue.  You can’t miss it and you won’t regret the stop.