Grand Theatre

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The Grand Theatre in Grand Island is a true throwback.  It has been lovingly restored to it’s original state by a group of local volunteers.  No detail has been overlooked.  The carpet in the lobby is an exact replica of the original pattern from the 1930’s, there is Art Deco neon lighting both inside and out, the original colored glass façade has been restored and a replica of the original marquee has been painstakingly re-created.  The Grand shows first-run movies on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.

The completely volunteer run theatre is a true community treasure that gives everyone a chance to see a movie the way that they are meant to be seen, not in some soulless megaplex but in a true grand theatre.  One that allows you to be captured by the movie magic from a time when that still meant something.

If you’re heading through Grand Island on a weekend make sure that you stop in and catch a show, all the proceeds go to the maintenance and restoration of this treasured piece of America.