Green Apple Cafe

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If you find yourself hungry for breakfast, lunch, or pie while passing through Cozad, stop at the Green Apple Café.  It offers everything you’re looking for in a small-town main street café.  There are plenty of breakfast options but if you’re really hungry go for one of the platters.  The servings are enormous and the food’s great, thus you will be stuck with a dilemma.  Do you stop because you’re full or keep going because it tastes so dang good?  No matter when you go you should probably save room for a piece of pie.  The selection is extensive and on any given day there will be more than a dozen to choose from.  No matter what flavor you choose you can’t go wrong.  They are all amazing and what’s the point of being on vacation if there’s no room for a little pie in your schedule?  The service is prompt and friendly, the food plentiful and once again, get some pie.

If you want to get to the Green Apple Café simply get off of the Lincoln Highway and head north on Meridian Street.  It’s right there just off of Meridian on 8th Street in downtown Cozad.