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    Here the traveler has an opportunity to experience beautiful scenery as well as the area's historical importance in American history.


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    Experience the Sandhill Cranes in the spring, explore the "stair steps" of the original Highway or stop by the visitors center.


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    This part of the Byway follows the Platte River Valley that offers an abundance of wildlife, birding and water recreation.


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  • Lodgepole, Nebraska

    The village of Lodgepole has a long association with transcontinental transportation history. Early on, the area hosted the "Pole Creek No.2 Pony Express Station". The Union Pacific Railroad came through in 1867 and the community…

    On the Road to Lodgepole

    It was a beautiful fall day (that turned into a winter storm the next day) for a road trip from North Platte to Lodgepole for the Nebraska Lincoln Highway Historic Byway Board of Directors meeting…


    Sutherland is a little blip of a town just west of North Platte, but there are two excellent reasons to make sure you slow down or stop as you’re passing through.  One is the old…


    Ole's Big Game Bar & Grill, aka Hemingway's heaven, aka PETA's hell, aka the place with all the animals.  There are lots of ways you could refer to or describe Ole's to an outsider, someone…

    Oliver Reservoir Recreation Area

    For those of you interested in camping or other outdoor activities along the Lincoln Highway, there is a great spot just 10 miles west of Kimball in the Nebraska Panhandle.  Oliver Reservoir Recreation Area is…

    Dude’s Steakhouse

    If you’re looking for a place to stop and eat or have a beer in Sidney, Nebraska then stay on Highway 30 until you see the bull on the sign.  This is your sign to…


    If you’re looking to take a break from the road in Chappell, Nebraska then head over to Bergie’s.  This restaurant/bar/bowling alley is the perfect place to waste some time in western Nebraska.  They open at…