• Attractions


    Here the traveler has an opportunity to experience beautiful scenery as well as the area's historical importance in American history.


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    Experience the Sandhill Cranes in the spring, explore the "stair steps" of the original Highway or stop by the visitors center.


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    This part of the Byway follows the Platte River Valley that offers an abundance of wildlife, birding and water recreation.


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  • History

    America’s Main Street, the Lincoln Highway was the first paved coast to coast roadway, spanning 3,380 miles through 13 states, connecting New York to San Francisco and all towns in between.

    In 1915, the Lincoln Highway was a bold, innovative plan, mapped across the U.S., yet years from being fully paved. There were sections of dirt, sand and even pasture, marked only by posts, poles and hand-written signs; travel was a monumental undertaking.

    But once the idea of traveling independently became a reality there was no holding America back. The freedom of the open road was intoxicating and for five decades, before the development of the Interstate system, the Lincoln Highway was indeed America’s very busy Main Street, with Nebraska right in the center.

    Today, the Nebraska Lincoln Highway Historic Byway lets you glimpse into the past and relive some of the adventure of this significant era, when a roadway first linked America from coast to coast and Nebraska from border to border. It’s time to rediscover the open road and enjoy the Lincoln Highway.